All About Irish Dancing

What is Irish Dancing?

Irish dance is a unique and beautiful dance form.

It is commonly believed to be similar to Highland Dancing and Ballet or even a cross between the two but in reality it cannot be compared to any other dance form. It is distinct and outstanding in its own right.

Irish dance can be split into two main categories:

Ceili dancing: These are group social dances, danced in circles or lines with between 2 and 16 people, although it can be more. The dances are fast and complex, often spontaneous and fun. Set dances can be followed, and the Irish Dancing Comission has a Ceili book with all the dances in it. Ceili is usually non-competitive and is great for social gatherings, parties and for just getting up and getting in the Irish Spirit.

Figure and/or Step dancing: Step dancing is performed by individuals on their own. The dances are either soft or hard shoe and the steps are unique to each dancer and/or school. Figure dances are performed by 2 or more step dancers together. They perform a set routine choreographed by their teacher and these dances are commonly referred to as 2-hands, 3-hands, etc. Sometimes they tell a story known as Choreographies, and recent themes have been Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz.
Irish Dancing is for everybody, children and adults, male and female. You do not need to have danced before, you do not need knowledge of Irish Dance.
You don't have to be Irish or have Irish heritage.
It really is a universal sport which is non-prejudice and open to all.
Irish Dance is a great way to make friends, build confidence, get fit and have fun all at the same time.


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